Disco Raja Movie Review


Ravi Teja has been struggling for success and he feels that Disco Raja is the perfect comeback for him. Made on a massive budget, Disco Raja is directed by VI Anand. Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh and Tanya Hope are the leading ladies in this action thriller. Bobby Simha played the lead villain and S Thaman composed the music. SRT Entertainments bankrolled Disco Raja and the film is hitting the screens today. Here is the complete review of Disco Raja:


Disco Raja is the story of Vasu and Disco Raj who look alike. Vasu goes missing and a bunch of scientists spots a look-alike of him. Suddenly, Disco Raj makes a splash and he stages revenge on Burma Sethu (Bobby Simha). The rest of Disco Raja is all about the relation between Vasu, Disco Raj and his conflict with Sethu. Watch Disco Raja to know about the real twists and what happens next.


Ravi Teja
First Half
Cinematography and background score
Production values
Interesting Plot


Second Half
Writing and Direction
Poor entertainment
Predictable narration


Ravi Teja looks extremely energetic in the role and he excels in the role with dual shades. His dance moves, body language and funny one-liners are a treat to watch. Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh and Tanya Hope have limited roles and they have done their jobs well. Bobby Simha is the other highlight of the film and he tops the show completely with his outstanding performance. All the other actors did their parts well.

Disco Raja has an interesting story but it is betrayed because of poor writing and narration. The second half looks completely flat and predictable. The cinematography work and the background score are the major highlights of the film. Couple of songs are well shot on screen. The production values are super grand and the editing work should has been better. VI Anand picks an interesting plot again but his narration makes the film fall flat.


Disco Raja is a new attempt that falls flat because of the below-average second half. Ravi Teja and his performance are the major highlights of Disco Raja.