Sr Hero Cancels Longest Schedule Of His Career


In spite of the fact that maker Suresh Babu is at first against closing down of theaters and slowing down shootings as he feels that day by day breadwinners subject to shooting and theaters will bring about immense misfortune to their work, it looks he has at long last comprehended the seriousness of COVID-19.

In the vocation of both Venkatesh and Suresh Productions, one of the longest planned movies ever is none other than “Narappa”. As the film occurs in the Anantapur region of Andhra Pradesh, the unit has arranged right around 50 days single timetable to wrap 80% of the film before Summer itself. Be that as it may, with Corona episode turning startling, the unit has at long last canceled the shooting two days after authoritatively every movie producer is approached to close shop incidentally. We hear that it is Venkatesh choice to put brakes to the longest timetable of his vocation.

As the movie is a redo of Tamil film Asuran, being coordinated by Srikanth Addala of Brahmotsavam acclaim, Suresh Babu believed that work could be wrapped quicker. Since the vast majority of the film includes outline by outline amusement of scenes as it were. Nonetheless, COVID-19 has doubtlessly influenced the maker’s arrangements.