Rajini contacts this youngster’s feet!


A gathering with Rajinikanth sort of a Superstar and Legend of Indian Cinema, is a fantasy for some. This youngster too imagined for such an open door for a long time.

However, he didn’t simply meet him yet the on-screen character contacted his feet as well. All things considered, he contacted them so as to welcome him.

Pranav demonstrated to be a motivation and he talented an attracting to Kerala Chief Minister. He is an alternate abled individual without any arms yet full off mental quality.

He created as a craftsman utilizing his feet to draw, hold the canvas. He can even catch selfies with his feet and he is never hindered by his powerlessness at any stage.

He wished to meet Rajinikanth and the Superstar gave him arrangement right away. Pranav was traveled to Chennai to Rajini’s living arrangement and the on-screen character welcomed him by shacking his feet.

All things considered, while Pranav turned into a motivation for us to live our lives, Rajini tells us the best way to be straightforward and grounded once more. Enthusiasts of Thailavar are excited with Rajini’s nice thought and straightforwardness.