Vishal’s Action Movie Review


Young and talented actor Vishal is making his comeback with a stylish action thriller which is titled Action. The film is directed by Sundar C and is releasing in record number of screens in Tamil and Telugu today. Tamannaah is the leading lady and Aishwarya Lakshmi, Kabir Singh Duhan essayed other crucial roles in this action thriller. Hiphop Thamiza composed the music and Trident Arts bankrolled this big-budget project. Here is the complete review of Action:


Subhash Kumar (Vishal) happens to be the son of Chief Minister and he is a top-ranked army officer by profession. A brutal attack kills most of the family members of Subhash. The primary investigation reveals that it is planned by an international terrorist group. The rest of Action is all about the hunt of Subhash for the culprits and the mastermind behind the crime. Watch Action to know about the backstory and the suspense behind Action:


Thrilling Episodes
Action Stunts
Production Values
Racy First Half


Pre-climax and climax episodes
Predictable Second Half
Logicless episodes at times


Vishal who loves action films fits well in the bill as Subhash. The actor has been top-notch throughout the film and is the major highlight of the film. Tamannaah is quite glamorous and her ultra-glamorous looks in the songs are a treat for the masses. Shiyaji Shindey has a crucial role assigned and he does it with utmost perfection. Kabir Singh Duhan has a powerful role in the film and he does it with ease. Aishwarya Lakshmi too did her job well. All the other actors delivered their best for the film.

Action has interesting premises set right from the first frame. The story of the film has been decent and the screenplay, dialogues make the film look good except the last half an hour of the film. The action episodes and the production values are the major highlight of Action. The songs are just ok but the background score sounds amazing. The dubbing work is good and the director manages to maintain the suspense but unveils it in a predictable manner. The cinematography work is also one of the highlights of Action.


Action is a decent attempt from Vishal and his team. Except for the last half an hour, the film makes a decent one time watch.