RDX Love Movie Review


Stunning actress Payal Rajput created a sensation with her debut film RX 100. The actress is all set to test her luck with her second movie titled RDX Love. Shankar Bhanu is the director and Tejus Kancherla, Aamani, Naresh, Aditya Menon played other crucial roles. C Kalyan bankrolled RDX Love on his banner Happy Movies. The film is hitting the screens today and here is the complete review of RDX Love:


RDX Love is the story of Alivelu (Payal Rajput) who is a promoter of government welfare schemes to meet the Chief Minister of the state. She gets close to Teja (Tejus) and meets the Chief Minister. The rest of the film is all about the real character of Alivelu and her real intentions to meet CM. Watch RDX Love to know about her game plan and how she succeeds in her operation.


Payal Rajput and her performance
Interval episode
Kabaddi episode


Story and screenplay
Vulgar content
Confused narration
Pathetic second half


Payal Rajput stuns the audience with her looks and glamorous acts. She performed well in the role and carried the entire film on her shoulders. Aditya Menon is the other highlight of the film and he performed well and his performance elevates RDX Love well. Naresh has been good in the crisp role. Tejus has been decent in the role and he carried the film well. Tulasi has an emotional role assigned and she did it with perfection. All the other actors delivered their best for the movie.

RDX Love has a lean plot that is uninteresting. The screenplay makes the film even worse. The first half looks dull and the second half of RDX Love is pathetic. The music and background score makes no sense. The cinematography work looks decent and so are the production values. The film’s director Shankar Bhanu fails badly in all the available ways with RDX Love.


RDX Love is a film that can be given a huge skip. Payal Rajput stuns the audience with her skin show which cannot save the film.

Rating :2/5