Shruti Haasan reveals how alcohol impacted her life


After a series of struggles, Shruti Haasan proved her mettle and emerged as one of the leading actresses down South. In a surprising way, when things are going super smooth, Shruti Haasan called it a quit for films and moved off to London. She dated Micheal Corsale and soon they parted ways. During a talk show with Manchu Lakshmi, Shruti Haasan said that she was addicted to alcohol and about the impact it had.

“I used to drink so much and I enjoy whiskey a lot. I was addicted to drink and I had to give up because of health issues. Now I am away from alcohol and I am leading a decent life. I received similar and boring roles because of which I took a break from movies. After a year break, I signed a bunch of films. I promise to deliver good work. My dad Kamal Haasan is always my inspiration” said Shruti Haasan.