24 Kisses Movie Review

Adith Arun and Hebah Patel are teaming up for a new age romantic drama which has been titled 24 Kisses. Ayodhya Kumar is the director of this breezy romantic drama which created enough buzz all over with the trailers and the songs. Joi Barua is the music composer and Uday Guralla is the cinematographer. Silly Monks Entertainments bankrolled the film which released across the globe today. Here is the complete review of 24 Kisses:
24 Kisses is the story of Anand (Adith Arun) who works as a children filmmaker. Going by his thinking, Anand has no belief in marriage and is into a bunch of relationships. In this process, he spots Sri Lakshmi (Hebah Patel) and she falls for him. It is then, Sri Lakshmi realizes that he is into relationships and has no belief in marriage and calls it a quit. The rest of 24 Kisses is all about Anand’s efforts to change himself winning his love with Sri Lakshmi. Watch 24 Kisses to know about the story and what happens next.
Hebah Patel’s glamour
Intimate scenes
Screenplay and direction
Bland narration
Songs and editing
Adith Arun makes no mistake and he looks apt for the role. He has been outstanding in the assignment and looks elegant in the role. Hebah Patel looks stunning and makes a good pair with Adith. She excelled in the romantic episodes and is a treat to watch on screen. Rao Ramesh’s character has been badly written that it irritates the audience. Naresh looks decent and all the other actors have been good.
24 Kisses lacks an interesting plot and strong conflict point. The characterizations of the lead actors change as per the situations and the screenplay has been pale. The dialogues look ok and makes no impact. The music has been dull but couple of songs have been canned well. The cinematography work has been decent and editing should have been better. The production values have been grand. Ayodhya Kumar fails in all the available ways to present 24 Kisses in an engaging way.
Final Word:
24 Kisses is a film that can be given a huge skip because of the pale drama and the poor narration. The performances by the lead actors stands out.
Rating: 2/5